Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here is how to quit smoking for good.....

Almost everyone of us knows that smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and heart disease.

Excessive tobacco use can actually shorten a person's life by 10 years or more. Based on records, this pernicious habit can cost a smoker thousands of dollars every year. So how come a lot of people find it difficult to quit smoking?

The answer, in a word, is addiction. Once a person starts smoking, it's going to be a very hard habit to break. Nicotine addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to beat.

Smoking kills half a million Americans each year. It surpasses combined deaths from AIDS, car wrecks, homicides, suicides, drug overdoses, and fires. Even a non-smoker is placed at high risk when he or she is exposed to second-hand smoke. Each year, about four million children fall ill from second-hand smoke.

Studies link smoking to miscarriage, stillbirth, birth defects, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Pregnant smokers increase their child's risk for attention deficit disorder (ADD), conduct disorders, depression, substance abuse, and lower intellectual achievement.

The best Products to help you quit smoking
There are many products to help you quit smoking. Although neither of them can 100% guarantee success, a quit smoking product can greatly ease the cessation process.

Here is a brief overview at some of the most popular quit smoking products and their effects.
Final Smoke Partner
With this system you can quit smoking even if you 've been smoking for a life time.This is better than patches,gums and drugs.This is the best way to stop smoking now...for good.

Smokeless Delite
This system is amazing.It's the newest way to help you quit smoking with out going through the rough time of quitting smoking and the emotional feeling that comes with it.

Nicotine gum
Nicotine gums are widely used product by ex-smokers. These gums contain nicotine that is released in your body when chewing the gum. Each time you feel like you want to light up a cigarette, you just get a gum.

Nicotine patch
The nicotine patch is another quit smoking product based on the nicotine replacement therapy principle. Nicotine patches are usually transparent and invisible under your clothes. You can stick it at any area of your body – from your neck to your waist. The patch releases small amounts of nicotine – enough for your brain to think you are smoking but without the dangerous effect of the rest cigarette ingredients.

Electronic Cigarettes

Smokeless Cigarettes

Smokeless Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Stop smoking pill
There are many pills to help you quit smoking. Zyban is a popular quit smoking product that many ex-smokers find extremely useful. It doesn’t contain nicotine so it’s good if you are unable to use nicotine products. Moreover, it has the same effect as most anti depressants do without being an anti depressant pill. You should ask your doctor for a prescription in order to buy Zyban and you should start taking it one of two weeks before your quit smoking date.

Quit smoking injection
Quit smoking injections are a very popular and highly successful way to quit smoking. The injection is considered the product gives above 70-80% chance to quit smoking permanently. The injection is applied once. Essentially, it blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain and this is why you will not feel smoking desire.

Herbal products
If you prefer a natural quit smoking product than you are lucky as there are plenty of herbal products to help you in the process. There are herbal pills and drops available that work on the same principle as many chemical pills. Some herbal teas help reduce the cravings – when you feel like lighting up a cigarette have a cup of tea instead.

A good idea are the herbal cigarettes – they are another quit smoking product that will help beat up you hands habit. Herbal cigarettes look like the nicotine ones except the fact they do not contain nicotine or tar.

Think about combining the quit smoking product you are using with a good behavior therapy. It will help you realize and fully understand why you need to quit smoking. Moreover, a behavior therapy will help you organize your life to exclude smoking.

Finally, remember that regardless of the quit smoking product type you are eager to try you should always consult your doctor in advance. He will not only recommend you the best products but will be able to provide you with follow up checks and re-adjust your quit smoking therapy according the new results.
And remember that once you quit smoking cigarettes,naturally you'll gain weight and that is due to metabolic changes our bodies go through when we quit. A gain of 5 to 10 pounds is normal.Nicotine affects our bodies in a variety of ways, one of which is to elevate metabolism, so when we quit smoking, metabolism slows and a slight gain is usually the result. If the scales go higher than a 10 pound gain though, chances are your eating habits have changed.
Combat excessive weight gain by following these tips:

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet
Give your body the fuel it needs by eating plenty of the right foods. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables; leans meats; low-fat dairy products and whole grains are important. Avoid the empty calories in junk foods. They will sap your energy and put on the pounds.

Drink Water
Not only is it a great craving-buster, water will help to flush residual toxins from cigarettes out of your body more quickly. Metabolism slows when the body is dehydrated, so drinking water will offset weight gain by giving your metabolism a boost. Good hydration also helps you feel better in general, which will make a difference in how you weather nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Exercise Daily
Pick a form of movement that appeals to you and do it every day. Walking is a great low-impact cardiovascular choice, especially for those who haven't been doing much exercise. Start out with a 15 minute walk, and increase the frequency and amount of time as you are able.
Get More Rest'
Most of us don't get enough rest and it can adversely affect weight loss efforts. Make sure you get enough sleep and take power naps now and then if you can do it.Be sure to practice a little patience! A small weight gain isn't the end of the world. You're working hard to rid yourself of a tough addiction, so don't fret if you put on a few pounds in the process.
Take good care of yourself overall, and you'll be much less likely to over-indulge.
Weight can always be lost, but lungs cannot!